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Cailyn HD Pro Coverage Foundation

Cailyn HD Pro Coverage Foundation

HD Quality Full Coverage + Lightweight + Matte Finish + Built-in Brush

Be ready with a perfect camera-ready complexion using CAILYN's HD Pro Coverage Foundation.

CAILYN HD Pro Coverage Foundation is a hydrating antioxidant-rich foundation that has a sleek and innovative new case. The ultra soft built-in brush and mirror allow this lightweight, full coverage foundation to be applied on the go. Packed with Antioxidants, Vitamin E, and Pomegranate Juice Extract, the oil-free non-greasy formula of CAILYN Built-in Brush HD Pro Coverage Foundation ensures lightweight, fully concealing coverage for a flawless skin tone that is fragrance-free and irritant-free!

Using built-in brush, apply a thin, even layer of CAILYN Super HD Pro Coverage Foundation in a gentle, outward motion. Using clean fingertips, lightly dab second layer of foundation on the areas that requires extra coverage then gently tab to blend. Apply second layer for even higher coverage. When finished, slide down the lower lid of the brush to protect the bristles while slotting it back in the case. Push down until it clicks for proper closure.

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