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Cuticle Nipper

QVS Cuticle Nipper

This QVS Cuticle Nipper has a small head to get in close to the cuticle area to effectively remove hangnails and excess skin without causing further damage to the skin around your nail. 


The unique design spring system has a super comfortable rubber grip hand forged from premium heat treated, and hardened stainless steel for strength, sharpness and longevity.  

A hangnail is that loose piece of skin near the cuticle or at the side of your nail that gets caught on clothing and you try to pick it off only to make an unsightly and painful mess of your nails. 

Hangnails occur most often in dry and cracked skin so remember to use a cuticle oil or hand and nail cream daily to soften this skin. 

This Cuticle Nipper is uniquely designed for super comfort and convenience. 

Can I disinfect the nipper? Yes, it is made from 100% stainless steel. Immerse head of nipper in antiseptic solution. DO NOT immerse rubber grip. If required, grips can be wiped clean using antiseptic solution.

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