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Slant Tip Tweezer + Micro Tweezer
$12.99 On Sale $10.39

QVS Slant Tip Tweezer + Micro Tweezer

QVS Slant Tip Tweezer + Micro Tweeze. A Bonus Micro Tweezer! This perfect all-rounder has a tight grip and precise tip.

There is no right or wrong Tweezer. Whether you select slant, square or point tip, satin, mirror polished, black or gold electro finish, it is simply a matter of personal preference and what works best for you. 

As a general guide to help with your selection: 

Slant Tip: the perfect all-rounder. A great general purpose tweezer that offers a slightly tighter grip than a point and more precision than a square tip. 

Square Tip: provides a firm grip and is especially good for coarse stubborn hairs. 

Point Tip: particularly good to target individual hairs in dense patches, or for the delicate removal of ingrown hairs or splinters. 

All QVS Tweezer's are hand crafted from premium quality stainless steel for longevity and have ground tips, able to grab the finest of hairs without testing your patience.

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